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Wanderlust Kit

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Our Wanderlust Kit comes packed with the following:                                                       

* Supremo coffee bag 340 grams (1)

* Blend coffee bag 340 grams (1)

* Coffee bag express ready to filter 14 gram ( 4)

* Made coffee cold brew con leche (2)

* Digital Thermos  (1)

* City Postcard (1)

Hello - Hola - Bonjour - Konnichiwa Coffee lovers and Baristas!

At Barista Coffee we have been working like a non-stop flight in direction to your favorite place. No, we're not opening a café near you. Even better, we're bringing the cafe to you.

Introducing the new Wanderlust Kit 1.0

Our Wanderlust Kit is delivered to you packed with a sensorial experience. Our best selection of Specialty Coffees accompanied with Artisan Cocoa, a bittersweet match, with everything you need to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

We often believe that we will only enjoy a good cup of coffee at that one coffee shop that made us feel like home while on vacation, but, at Barista Coffee we are passionate about teaching you how to bring the best out of your own preparation, so that your home, feels like the best coffee shop.

Whether you are in Medellin, New York, San Francisco, Tampa or somewhere else, Barista Coffee can come to you wherever you are.



Customer Reviews

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Awesome package

Excellent coffees and chocolates it even includes a thermos with color of choice, great value package. It also includes individual coffees for personal brewing, love it.