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Sanremo Zoe Competition Volumetric Espresso Machine

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The Sanremo Zoe Competition is a reliable, flexible commercial espresso machine with high build quality that can serve a wide variety of applications.  It boasts a durable, full metal frame and body panels, meaning that it can handle even some of the roughest environments.  In addition, the Zoe has both volumetric controls and built-in shot timers, making it an outstanding value from a features perspective compared to other machines in its class.  For these reasons, we particularly like this feature set for first time café owners and mobile coffee operations that need a machine that will get them off the ground and serve them reliably for years to come. 


Sanremo Zoe Competition Features

  • Single Boiler Heat Exchange commercial espresso machine
  • Volumetric Programming for optimal dosing consistency
  • Colors:
    • Black (RAL 9005)
    • White (RAL 9003) & Black (RAL 9005)
  • Turn style steam taps
  • Built in Shot Timers
  • LED-Lit Working Area
  • Full steel body construction
  • Fast access to the internal parts for quick and easy technical service
  • Pre-wetting of the coffee puck before brewing
  • Auto back flushing capability 
  • Boiler and brew pressure gauges 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Zoe Competition for? 
    • Mobile coffee trucks & trailers, small to medium size coffee shops, and bakeries as some of the most common use cases for the Zoes, but if you just need a reliable and easy to use espresso machine, then it's an excellent choice.  
  • Can it steam milk and brew espresso at the same time? 
  • How does it compare to other machines in this category?
    • The 2 stand out features of the Zoe are the full steel body and integrated shot timers.  Not all machines in this category have this level of build quality, and integrated shot timers is a feature normally reserved for much more expensive espresso machines. 
  • How long will this machine last? 
    • As long as proper water filtration is maintained and preventative maintenance is performed, we would expect around 7-10 years of life.  
  • What's the next level up in the Sanremo range? 
    • The F18SB (Single Boiler) or the F18 (Multi-boiler) are the next machines up in the Sanremo range.  The SB is similar to the Zoe, but with PID temperature controls boosting steam generation. The F18 multi-boiler has superior control and temperature stability, leading to better tasting espresso and greater capacity.

Technical Details

  • Standard Version: 21"H, 3.5" Cup Clearance
  • Tall Cup Version: 24"H, 5.5" Cup Clearance
  • 2 Group Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 28.5"W x 21"D
    • Weight: 121lbs
    • Boiler: 10 liters
    • Volts: 220, 60Hz
    • Watts: 3350
    • Amps: 15.2
    • Recommended plug: NEMA L6-20
  • 3 Group Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 37.5"W x 21"D
    • Weight: 152lbs
    • Boiler: 14 liters
    • Volts: 220, 60Hz
    • Watts: 6050
    • Amps: 27.5
    • Recommended plug: NEMA L6-30
  • Plug/outlet sold separately
  • 3/8” compression dedicated cold water line with shut-off valve required
  • Proper water filtration required (sold separately)


      Warranty Information

      All new Sanremo espresso machines come with a 1-year parts warranty from the original order date.  Voltage provides an additional 1 year labor warranty.  The absence of water filtration voids this warranty.


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